On The Edge

When I’ve had a rough week, and I’m sitting on that razor sharp edge of losing my shit, there is usually only one thing that brings me back from the brink and helps me stay sane. Music. Music is my salvation and always has been. Whether it’s singing, writing lyrics, or just listening to a curated playlist, music has always been my go-to when it comes to stress, sadness, and anything else for that matter.

While there aren’t always words for what I’m dealing with allowing me to get it out (yes, I’m aware that I’m an author and should be able to find the right words – it doesn’t always work that way when I’m dealing with my stuff in real life) I can always find a song that does the trick. I have different playlists for pissed off, sad, happy, indifferent, et cetera. You get the picture.

Do you have particular songs that work for your mood? Do you have that one go-to song that no matter what always bring you back to a clear head? I’d love to add more songs to the mix. Care the share what works for you?

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