Naked with Black Socks

The idea of speaking in public terrifies me. I get flustered and sweaty. All of my good ideas turn to mush and word vomit comes out of my mouth.

I like the idea of being able to speak in public. I have dreamt about making it big as a writer and being able to give a talk at a TED Talk event. But I know that if given the chance I would freak out.

I guess I prefer to be comfortable with my Groot socks instead. In my own little world, reading and writing, listening to music and drinking my coffee.

I’m in constant awe of those who are able to get up there and get their message across. Not just getting up in front of the room to speak, but really get a message across. That is amazing to me.

Comfy pants, crazy socks, and coffee is my safe place. It’s where I can play out all those public speaking dreams inside my books I’m writing. I can live vicariously through my characters, letting them take all the risk while I sit “naked with black socks”.

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