Moving on and Moving Up

Back in August my oldest son turned 18. Graduate of high school, working full-time, and… sharing a car with me.

You don’t know how much you use your car until you have to coordinate schedules with someone else who needs to use it. So, we solved the problem. Well, my husband solved the problem. Both he and December have been good to me.

About a week ago I mentioned that I wanted to keep my eye out for good deals on iMac computers. I have an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac Book Pro. To complete the collection I just needed an iMac. Now, I love my MBP but sometimes I just want a little more storage and a little more power for what I’m doing. (When I got the new MBP I went with smaller storage and boy do I miss the larger HD sometimes.)

Well, we stopped at a local pawn shop to see if they had a tool that my husband needed and as we were walking out the door I spotted my baby. Just sitting there all alone, with no one to take her home or talk to her. After a few minutes seeing if they had a layaway plan we were ready to start paying on her. Then my husband saw the price. Under $350 to take her home. I hoped that he was going to say “let’s just get it,” though I figured that he wouldn’t. After talking to the sales guy, he decided to just buy her. Christmas came early and I was super excited. Got her home, setup, running and I have been smiling since.

Loving the larger screen.
Loving the larger screen.

I may or my not have an addiction to Apple products. Don’t judge.

But what does that have to do with a car?

Well, I’m getting there. Now that I was up and running with a desktop I thought I was done. Until my oldest got a new job and had to drive quite a bit further every day. This left me without a car 90% of the time. Let me say, I’m super proud of him for finding something that pays more and that he truly seems to be enjoying. It’s nice seeing him grow and find himself.

Any who, he is now driving about an hour to and an hour from work every day during the week. Normally I don’t have anywhere to go so it’s not an issue. But I do have my youngest still at home and since we are doing online school, there are times when I have to run him somewhere for school during the day. Hubs is currently on nights so I do have access to his truck. Hopefully though, he will be moving to days in the near future and that’s when it’s going to be difficult.

Ever since he got his license, my oldest has been saying that he wants my Durango. Could he buy it from us? That way he won’t have a car note that would be hard for him to obtain since he’s just 18 and has no credit history. Most of the financial institutions that he has talked to want him in his job for a year before they will even consider it. By purchasing the Durango from us all he would have to worry about it obtaining his own insurance, which he has already done through our agent. So that is the plan we went with last week. He will pay us each month for about 10 months until the Durango is paid and then he can do whatever he wants to do with it.

Once we reached that agreement I realized that if I needed to go somewhere I would have to borrow my kids car. LOL. Not something that I wanted to do. I put that on the back burner and just figured that is how it was going to be since we only had two cars in the family. That was until my husband woke me up the other day and said, “Hey, I got pre-approved for a car loan.” Talk about surprised! I didn’t know that he was even looking at purchasing another car, but super glad that he was. We took a few days and looked online, found some that I was interested in and went and did some test drives.

One dealership was asking way too much when you considered year and milage. One dealership was going through the ones I liked in record fashion. By the time I called on them, they had already been sold. I was getting tired of looking. Then we found a Chevy Spark at a dealership by my old stomping grounds. It had only been on the lot for about two weeks, so we decided to go down and look at it. (I also pulled up some from the surrounding dealerships just in case it was gone when we got down there.)

Bianca all shiny and clean.
Bianca all shiny and clean.

The minute I saw her, I knew that she was the one. – From here on out I shall refer to her as Bianca (Italian for white). Bianca is super adorable and had just about 55,000 miles on her. She’s got a whole 84 horsepower. I have been driving her all over town and at last check have been averaging about 41 miles to the gallon. (Including some heavy freeway driving to get her home.) It will be interesting to see how far I can go with just my normal driving. I also might add that filling up from a quarter of a tank at $2.11 per gallon only cost $15.50!


I’m spoiled. Yeah, I said it. Might as well.

This year “Santa” has been good to me. He has also made it quite clear that this year will not be topped by next year. LOL.

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