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Bunnies and Bites

Years ago I wrote silly articles for a blog that was geared towards Blackberry. While going through some old files and doing the monthly organization/purge I came across Bunnies and Bites. I still think that it’s cute so I thought that I would share it here.

Bunnies and Bites

At Christmas time with the help of NORAD we can track where Santa has been and where he is going next. So the next logical step in the holiday ladder is; where is the Easter Bunny? Lela and I searched and searched but came up with nothing. So we made up our own tracking system. With the use of Blackberry Maps and a few friends and families addresses we have the solution to the question my kids have been asking for the last few days.

The process was so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. We just went into BB Maps and found a location and pulled a screenshot and saved it to my SD card for “future use” ;).

From what I hear, the Easter Bunny was tired when he got into Scottsdale because after he checked into his Suite at the undisclosed 5 star hotel, he just had to stop off and get a latte at the local Paradise Bakery.

After I mapped out his route to our house I set alerts that corresponded to my schedule for Saturday night and Easter Sunday. My boys usually ask at the same time every year lol; kind of got it down to a science.

Now every Easter we have an Easter egg hunt at my in-laws and then a humongous Italian feast that is at least 3 courses. So this year I decided that I would be smart about it and track my calorie intake and watch what I eat. Last year I ended up feeling like I was a stuffed bunny. LOL

I found a Daily Log of Calories that calculates both the calories and fat percentage in an Excel spread sheet and with the combined use of that and the free nutrition app from the Blackberry App Store I am good to go. ☺ More on the detailed use of the log coming next week.

Until then, HAPPY EASTER! Stay dry and safe.


Chardonnay and Lela

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