WTF Was That?

A little bit ago my husband called me and told me with a sense of urgency, to go outside and look down the street at what was flying through the air. He wasn’t sure what the hell it was, but our son had seen it driving home from work and called him, so he, in turn, called me.

I went out and looked. My first thought was, what the hell? My second thought was, uh you need to get a video of this. My last thought was, check Facebook and Twitter. Someone knows what the hell it is. I was right and sightings were all over the place.

Apparently, it was a Space X rocket test. Some say it was successful. Some say it exploded. I will wait to see it on the news before I make a decision.

At any rate, the video below is what we say over our house in Florence, Arizona this evening.

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