Grand Adventure

If I could take off on a grand adventure I would love to be a travel writer. Spending my days and nights exploring different places around the world and then doing what I love to do; writing about them. Being able to pack up the car and head out to destination unknown would be the greatest. Showing up at the airport with just my laptop, service dog, husband, and a dream.

The first place I would love to travel to is Italy. I would love to write about San Giuseppe Visuviano. My husbands family is from there. I could showcase the town and those who have made it so amazing. The homes, the landscape, the wonderful people. The church.

The church is amazing from the outside. I would love to see the inside. Even though I’m not religious, I would love to be able to attend a mass there with my husband. His religion means a lot and it would mean the world to him to be able to attend a mass in the town his family is from.

I’d also like to spend some time traveling around Australia. I’ve been longing to go back since I spent a month there in high school. That month was amazing! People always ask about what I would relive from high school. That is it. The people I met during that time of my life were absolutely amazing! It’s a slower pace than what I deal with here day in and day out. Slower would be so welcome. Just taking each day as it comes and not stressing about what is going on.

My goal when it comes to a timeline for this grand adventure is loose. We still have kids at home, so I’m thinking when the hubs retires. Hey at least I have time to hone my writing skills. 😉

#StaySaucy and remember #LeggingsArePants

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