Childlike Optimism

Some people say that they have regrets in life. I want to tell you how I feel about that. I’m 36-years-old and can honestly say that now when I think back on my life, I have no regrets. When I was younger I didn’t feel that way. I had big dreams and things that I wanted to do. As I got older, things changed. I had my first baby when I was practically a baby myself. I was single and scared. I had support, but things were definately not going the way that I had planned them when I was younger. That’s okay though.

I have been married twice – the first one was a mistake, but not a regret. Why? Because if I hadn’t met my first husband and gotten married and then divorced, I wouldn’t have been working where I was when I met my current husbnad. So mistake, yes. Do I regret it? No.

Without my past and the decisions that I made – good and bad – I wouldn’t be a mother. I wouldn’t have the two amazing boys that I have today. I wouldn’t know what it is like to have the love and worry that comes with being a parent. I also would have lost out on the pride and bragging that comes with being a parent.

Without my past and first marriage Neil and I wouldn’t be together. I wouldn’t know what it is like to have a man who cherrishes you and would do anything for you. I wouldn’t know what it is like to have a man who loves you more than he loves himself. I wouldn’t know what a great father he is. Without that first marriage, I wouldn’t know what true unconditional love from a spouse is. Without my past I wouldn’t be happy.


So, if I had the chance to talk with my younger self or anyone just starting out I would say, “do not let your past define you or your happiness.” You make your own destiny. You can let your past rob you of the future or you can learn from them and move on. There are so many things you will encounter in life that you cant control. Take the time to work on yourself and your “universe”. Don’t worry about what could have been, worry (for lack of a better word) about making your world and the world you touch a better one.

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