My Go To Fashion

Anyone that knows me knows the I’m far from a fashion icon. I love looking at all the new trends, but I can’t stand the cost and the fuss. I’d rather spend my time and energy on something else. Anything else.

On any given day I can be found hanging out in PJ pants and a comfy shirt, one of my long skirts, a comfy dress, or leggings and a comfy shirt. Do you see a pattern here?

If it’s not comfortable, it’s not happening.

Since I don’t work outside of the home, there is absolutely no reason for me to get dressed up and be super grouchy all day long for reasons like my pants are too tight, my shirt is itchy, et cetera. There have been times in the past where I have stopped at a store while either on our way, during, or on the way home from an event that required dressing up and purchased something more comfortable to wear. Not ashamed and will probably do it again to be honest.

The shirt above I got at Goodwill for $1.50 a couple days ago and quite frankly I’ll probably wear it so much that my husband will either hide it or beg for something else. Kind of like I did with a pair of his favorite pants when we first met over a decade ago. He really, really loved those pants.

Outside of yoga pants and comfy t-shirts I tend to wear long skirts and tank-tops and flip-flops year round. It’s currently cold in Arizona – colder than usual – so I will throw on a pair of cute boots (kid of like Ugs) or my Nike’s and call it a day.

What are your go to fashion items? Are you someone who likes to dress up all the time or are you like me and could care less what you have on?

Whatever your style, I know that you are rocking it.

Stay Saucy,


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