February 2018

February is a short month, but it’s the month where for one day a year you’re supposed to show whoever you are in a relationship with that you love them. I haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s Day since I’ve grown up. Between my husband and I it’s not really that important. When we first started dating there were valentines and flowers. The more time we spent together, we realized that the money we spend on something that is just going to die or that we’re going to throw away is just plain stupid. Now we just look at cards in the store, pick out one for the other and we read them and put them back. LOL.

So what am I getting at?

This month I’m going to try to make sure that I let me husband know that I appreciate him each and every day, and not just one day a year. I want him to know that I’m thinking about him when he’s gone and that I love him.

What are you Valentine’s traditions? Do you celebrate? Do you not? Would love to hear how you spend the day.

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