End of Year Update

This year has been full of ups and down in both the writing part of my life as well as the more personal part of my life. I’m going to break this update up into two parts.

Writing Life

While I have been writing, the time I have been able to spend on it has not been as much as I would have hoped. I do have two new books that are in the editing stage and will be released in early 2019 hopefully. One is a short story collection (erotica) and the other is a thriller that can’t seem to make up its mind. One day it’s an erotica thriller and the next it’s a regular thriller. They say write what you know, and apparently I know smut that makes your cheeks flush.

I have moved Daddy Issues and Jaded back over to Kindle Unlimited and they will be there for three months at least, but I’m thinking more than likely they will have a home there for a while. As a new author I seem to get more traction with them there. As of now, the new titles will also be released with Kindle Unlimited first and then after their three-month run there I will have a decision to make regarding them. That’s kind of putting the cart before the house though. Getting them finished and out there has to happen first.

I would love to say there will be a book every few months, but at this point that’s a little lofty. I have quite a few half finished works going on, and I hope that they will be in readers’ hands before the end of 2019.

Personal Life

In the last few months I have been juggling health issues with being a mom, wife, author, freelancer, et cetera. After some urging from my husband, I finally saw the primary care doctor, which ended up with a referral to the neurologist, a tentative diagnosis of fibromyalgia, considerations of putting me back on epilepsy medications, and a 4 hour MRI schedules with blood work to test for MS and MS mimickers. (See, this is why I don’t go to the doctor period) During all this mess I have decided to try and quit smoking again, which is going well. Not there yet, but almost.

Even with the issues I’m facing it’s been a decent year. I have made some amazing friends, gotten closer to old ones, and family is good. Here’s looking to 2019. May it be just as good if not better than 2018.

I wish all who read this a happy holiday season and a happy new year.

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