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ISBN: 9781370007097


Justin was out of town traveling and feeling lonely. Lying back on his hotel bed, he begins to fantasize about a friend of his who he frequently pictured whenever he felt like a quick wank. But this time fantasizing wasn't going to cut it. Justin picked up his smartphone and searched Google for an escort. Why the hell not? He was a long way from home and no one will ever know. Or so he thought.


Jaded is a short erotica read that you can get through in one sitting. Although short it packs a punch for its size.

ISBN: 9781370534043


18-year-old Sarah spends her days just getting by. A strained relationship with her mother takes a turn when she finds herself under the care of a stranger, so her mother can cash in at her expense. Lessons are learned and adventures are had in Daddy Issues, an erotic age-play story. Will Sarah come to love her new "daddy" or will she fight with every ounce of her being?


Daddy Issues involves age-play and multiple taboo topics.

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Dirty Talk


I am currently working on this book of short erotica stories. Stay up to date on release dates and beta reader calls by signing up for my newsletter.

Kaisa & Kaisa's Revenge

A two-part series in one book! Readers will meet Kaisa and follow her journey without waiting for book two to be released. Stay up to date on release dates and beta reader calls by signing up for my newsletter.

Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us is a thriller that explores just how well we know people. The main character is a serial killer who goes unnoticed for longer than the average person would like to think he would. He fits in. He's the boy next door. The 'good son' so to speak.

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