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Sayre Ambrosio, Author

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ISBN: 9781370007097


Justin was out of town traveling and feeling lonely. Lying back on his hotel bed, he begins to fantasize about a friend of his who he frequently pictured whenever he felt like a quick wank. But this time fantasizing wasn't going to cut it. Justin picked up his smartphone and searched Google for an escort. Why the hell not? He was a long way from home and no one will ever know. Or so he thought.


Jaded is a short erotica read that you can get through in one sitting. Although short it packs a punch for its size.


I absolutely loved this book and was honored to have been able to receive an arc to read and review. It was such a phenomenal read and had amazing characters as well as an amazing storyline. I just couldn't get enough of it and once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. I recommend that you read it.

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This was a super hot read that was really fun and easy to read. He is along while traveling and starts to fantasies about a friend of his that has always worked when he sorts himself out but this time it’s not working so he decides to call an escort. No one will know right?

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He is travelling and feeling lonely. He is in need of some sex so he rings for an escort besides no-one will know. He is for a shock. What will be do now? Can he keep it quiet? See if he can.

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Really good and sexy read that was easy to follow and enjoy.

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Short and Steamy

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