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Resources for Writers

Free Book Cover Mockup Tool

I have used this mockup creator for both of my books and love it!

It's super easy to use and take a lot of the work out of putting together mockups for social media, press, and more.

Digital Book Signing Tool

Gone are the days when you can just sign paper books.

Thanks to Authorgraph you can now send a digital author graph to readers and they can add it to their ebooks or start a digital collection.


When it comes to blogging Ulysses can't be beat in my opinion.

When I write blog posts I like to write them in Markdown which Ulysses is made for.


When it comes to long form writing, nothing beats Scrivener in my opinion.

I could go on forever on why I love the app, but the best thing I can say is you have to try it yourself.

They have an amazing 30 days of use free trial. If you are interested in checking it out, click the link below.


The perfect companion app to Scrivener made by the amazing folks at Literature and Latte.

Scapple integrates seamlessly into projects you are working on.


I couldn't function without Evernote in my life.

One of my all time features of the software is that it works seamlessly with Scrivener.

(This is an affiliate link and I do earn a percentage of every paid sign up)

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